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Learning Center seeks partners for channel marketing and, perhaps, eventual service delivery. We currently have two excellent partners, Channel Management Group and Learning Solutions Alliance, and several more developing. For details on these two partner companies, please see below.

To qualify, first immerse yourself in our website. Do our aims align? Do our articles speak to you? Does our client response excite you?

Are you experienced in markets like these? Have you developed a reputation for strong ethics and delivery on promised results? Do you have good contacts in these markets? Are you interested in growing with us, perhaps in eventually delivering our services through a licensing arrangement?

If your answers are yes, write us at info@learningcenter.net.


Learning Center currently maintains an active partnership with Jim Blasingame's Small Business Advocate (www.smallbusinessadvocate.com), resulting among other things in periodic multi-market radio collaboration. This year, Jim won the Small Business Administration's national award for "outstanding contribution to small businesses in the United States." He is the author of the current book Small Business Is Like A Bunch Of Bananas. His shows are eclectic, practical, accurate and entertaining.

Dr. Ciancutti periodically appears on other shows, both California and nationally based, and is frequently quoted in newspapers and magazines nation-wide on a pantheon of subjects, ranging from layoffs and desk rage to building accountability internationally.



"Partnerships begin based on a business opportunity. Partnerships thrive on trust."
- Harper Thorpe, Principal, Channel Management Group, Inc.

Channel Management Group, Inc. (CMG) is a consulting and training company with a specific focus on helping technology companies develop and manage high performance channels and alliances. CMG gives balanced attention to the business and relationship challenges of partnering allowing companies who are building or refining their "go-to-market" strategies and programs to achieve breakthrough objectives.

A partnership with the Learning Center strengthens the relationship dimension of the CMG services offering. CMG extends the Learning Center's Trust Model concept and methodology across company boundaries to alliances and sales channels. By eliminating trust issues that inhibit results, the technology vendor and its partners experience a new level of commitment and a smoother working relationship. Together, CMG and the Learning Center improve the business fundamentals of partnering, take relationships to a "trusted advisor" status and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

CMG brings together a team of operationally experienced professionals with a combined total of over 60 years of channel sales, marketing and training experience. All of the principals have held senior management positions in industry leading high technology companies including Hewlett-Packard Company, Digital Equipment Corporation and Avnet, Inc. They have each helped build at least one start-up company. The CMG team can be a strategic partner, as well as guide the tactical execution of strategic initiatives. For additional information see www.channelmg.com.


Learning Solutions Alliance (LSA) is a premier one-stop learning, process, and strategy services firm. LSA helps leading mid-size and emerging organizations build talent for success.

Drawing from the marketplace of world-class learning and consulting resources, LSA provides the exact expertise necessary to ignite and sustain performance in the areas of employee performance, organizational effectiveness, and customer focus.

Learning Center offers our Essential Communications Skills Lab as a public program four times a year in Santa Clara, CA via LSA. Learning Center customized on site programs are also offered under the LSA marketing umbrella.


With clear vision in a company dedicated to executive leadership development for Boards and CEOs, Change Leaders, Inc. has a practical, transparent and client-friendly approach to the dynamics of complex individual and team changes. Learn more at Change-Leaders.com.

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