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A Fortune Magazine cover story on "Why CEO's Fail" concludes with this telling paragraph:

"Yes, strategy matters. A good clear strategy is necessary for success—but not sufficient for survival. So look again at all those derailed CEO's on the cover. They're smart people who worried deeply about a lot of things. They just weren't worrying enough about the right things: execution, decisiveness, follow-through, delivering on commitments. Are you?"

If you want to do training, you can talk with lots of companies. If you want to deliver results, you should talk with us. We are looking for a few good partners who want to market and/or deliver our high performance solutions to your existing and potential customers. Learning Center partners immediately access our 26 years of experience in selling and servicing custom team, leadership and change programs that deliver enthusiastic response and lasting value. Established training/consulting firms may benefit by simply adding our market proven core products to your portfolio. For entrepreneurs, reselling can provide another customer and revenue stream. Any enterprise with an ongoing commitment to Building Teams/Developing Leaders may well benefit by becoming a Learning Center Solutions Partner.

How to Become a Learning Center Solutions Partner

First, immerse yourself in our website. Do our aims align with yours? Do our articles speak to you? Does our client response excite you? If you decide that your current goals and ours complement, email CEO Arky Ciancutti directly at info@learningcenter.net.

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