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Teams and Change: To Build a Sustained Competitive Advantage

Course description: A dialogue and investigation with peers on the following questions and challenges.

The Challenge The pace of change is what has changed—radically and forever. Yet we crave predictability and control. This paradox is a central dilemma impacting our ability to lead teams through change. Questions you may be asking are:

   • How do we best address resistance to change?
   • How do we obtain real buy-in and commitment?
   • How do we change long standing habits?

We will explore precisely where resistance to change comes from, how it leads to self-limitation and exactly what steps are most effective in converting resistance to change to positive action towards a more desirable future. As well, we will outline a process for buy-in on major change initiatives that helps ensure real commitments are achieved.

We believe teams are the best vehicles for driving real change, tapping our people's creative contributions and sustaining high performance. Yet we are frustrated when we see teams bogging down, in conflict, falling short of the mark.

How Can Teams Actualize High Performance? Conflict is inevitable in high performance teams. How it's handled determines whether it derails performance and morale or leads to breakthrough solutions and increased synergy. We will demonstrate how to harvest "increased intelligence" from actual team conflicts through an experiential exercise.

The changes impacting organizations present unprecedented challenges to leaders. Customers are more demanding, competition is keener, the work force is more diverse, the shelf life for solutions is shrinking. Loss of control is rampant.

How Do We Lead in This Environment? Leaders need to let go rather than to hold on. One key is understanding trust—what builds it and what breaks it—in ourselves and others. Sustained high performance comes from a context of trust. We will explore how leaders can build that context by balancing support with accountability.

A recent training industry (ISA) study found that senior management is most concerned about two issues: profitability and competitiveness.

Will Profitability and Competitiveness be Addressed? Yes. As the study notes: "Team effectiveness and being more competitive are directly linked by executives; their belief is that the team approach is the way to become more competitive and raise productivity." This will be the central focus this season.

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