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High Performance Teamwork
Customized for Your Needs

Course description: This course is always carefully customized to your specific outcome list. It details the principles and provides active practice in the skills and dynamics of high performance teamwork.

Course impact: Participants convert current team productivity challenges to committed solutions, building conflict resolution and management tools. In the process, they build a team framework that continuously reinforces common purpose, clear direction, open communication, trust, commitment, accountability, achievement and celebration.

Key objectives: Setting clear goals; minimizing "them vs. us" team dynamics through accurate communication; establishing effective roles and ground rules; resolving conflict; reaching consensus and closure on strategic team initiatives; coaching; avoiding pretended commitments; building trust; creating high performance plans.

Instruction method: Participants work on real time issues to achieve committed resolution plans. Facilitated self discovery approach leading to practical skill building and application. 15% didactic; 25% facilitated problem solving discussions, 50% experiential exercises/skill building; 10% summarizing success and takeaway application.

Course duration: 4, 8, 12 or 16 hours depending on client goals.

Recommended course size: 18-30 participants.

Who should attend: Intact teams, cross functional quality or project teams, team leaders or individual contributors interested in leveraging business results through teamwork.

Fees: Learning Center courseware is customized to specific client applications. Complete written project proposals are available at no cost. To learn more, please email us at info@learningcenter.net.

Support Articles: The following Library articles on building an effective team provide useful input related to this training course: 7 Steps to Closure, Them and Us, Team Assessment, How to Build a Team.

References: Click here to see what others say about our work.
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