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hot off the presses

Here are recent articles on Learning Center's work from major press publications.

The Public Employee News, October 2003: Management, labor join forces in training course. Can the Union and Management actually work together? Learn what happened when Alameda County and the Local Union Number 3 attended a teambuilding class from Learning Center.

The Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, April 4, 2003: To work together, departments need trust. The necessity of closure to create proper functioning among department interdependencies.

The Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, December 13, 2002: In good times and bad, effective leadership begins with trust. The importance and immediate benefits of developing a culture of trust in your business environment.

The Business 2.0 article entitled Trust Fund is an excellent overview of the rewards and challenges of building a leadership organization within your company. It provides an excellent synopsis of the roadmap to this process as outlined in detail in our book Built on Trust.

The Choose Trust article by Jim Blasingame in his Small Business Advocate newsletter outlines the market case for trust as maybe the most important asset that any small to medium size business can develop.

From Investor's Business Daily, October 20, 2000, Number 9 of IBD's 10 Secrets To Success: Fears That Hamper Productivity.

Dr. Ciancutti has also been quoted in the business sections and national news pages of the following: San Francisco Examiner, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Orange County Register, Gannet News, Working Smart, Pro.2.Com, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Computer World, Entrepreneur, Working Mother, Profit Magazine, CNBS.Com, The Birmingham News, Argus, The Miami Herald, The Star-Ledger, The Wall Street Journal, Working Woman, and many more.

Dr. Ciancutti appears regularly on National and Public Radio on topics ranging from teamwork in the workplace through smart responses to today's economic climate to international trust and mistrust.

If you are in the press and would like to explore working with us on an article for publication, please email Dr. Ciancutti at Arky@learningcenter.net.

If you want a greater selection of current articles on these topics, explore our Library in our Web site.

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